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African Dream


Fancy braid in the African style is an extraordinary idea for the lampshade in the ethnic style.

Do you want to bring into your interior a little hot climate straight from Africa?

Choose the African Dream lamp!


2 997,00 

Aphrodite – in Greek mythology, the goddess of love, beauty, flowers, desire and fertility.

The most beautiful of the goddesses of ancient myths.


2 997,00 

Modern Apollo God of life and beauty – a perfect pattern of male beauty.

A muscular torso, a certain posture and a luminous glow from our Apollo make it impossible to resist his charm. Put it in a prominent, visible place so that it can shine in front of your guests.

Just do not be jealous when he grabs their attention …

Apollo is a good blow, after all.

Autumn leaf


Autumn leaves remind us how fast the time is passing by.

This one, made of wood that remembers the precious moments that belongs to the history.

Autumn leaf –  a unique clock that brings the melancholy and reflection.



Delicate, small lamp full of special charm. Just like a beautiful ballerina, who starts her show in an elegant, wide skirt. It shines brightly. Crystal glow in which the pleasant, warm light is hidden.

Design of recycled lighting, small ballerina lamp.


2 197,00 

Since the beginning of the world, the female body has been an inspiration to artists.

For many, it was a synonym of beauty itself.

What is a beauty?

It is all about the perfect proportions, an excellent color depth, and perhaps something elusive, impossible to give a name to, but deep down you might have a feeling that you deal with something really special.

All these features are expressed by our Beauty lamp, which combines artistic vision inspired by the beauty of the female body and the sophisticated form inspired by the modern art.


2 197,00 

Would you believe that perfection and chaos can meet halfway?

The perfection and geometric shapes combined with the rules of harmony created the artistic chaos. This is how the artist’s mind looks like: the harmony intertwines with the chaos, but inside we might find dazzling ideas. Sometimes bright and simple (as in the version with white light), sometimes carefree and crazy (as in the version with colored bulbs).



156,00  117,00 

This elegant, atmospheric set of candlesticks is the best choice for a bedroom or a cozy corner where you want to create a unique atmosphere.

This candlestick was hand-made in our workshop. Lacquered with the highest quality antiallergic varnish and polished to enhance the uniqueness and give a shine to the place where it will stand.



Refined and elegant, full of grace and grace – an iron lady.
Always in the center, always dazzling with an extraordinary glow.
It must be admitted that this lady was created to brag in salons!

Burj Al Arab


Burj Al Arab The pearl of the hotel industry – Burj Al Arab.

A world of luxury, unlimited comforts and big money.
Now a substitute of this world can appear in your home.
Today a small lamp, and tomorrow … maybe a visit to Dubai?

Burj Khalifa


Burj Khalifa – the largest building in the world.

When you are on the last floor, you can touch the stars.

The pride of Dubai and the entire Arabic world might appear at your house.

Although the size is different… It is still spectacular.