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Do you like to look good and prepare yourself for each trip long? You chose the right mirror for hours, and when you chose them you found out that you do not have enough space to spread all the utensils and cosmetics? Do not you want to buy a boring bathroom cabinet? Choose our console under the mirror. Made of solid, 300-year-old wood, it is elegant enough to look beautiful in any room. Thanks to her, now you will have everything at hand! It is possible to order consoles.



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A table is a piece of furniture needed in every home. He is a silent witness to all family conversations, both light and very serious ones. A table with such an important role can not be chosen by accident. It should be solid, durable and with a soul. This is the table created by us. Several hundred years old wood combined with a modern foundation will create an extraordinary atmosphere in your home. It is possible to order a table to size.


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Do you want to create a unique atmosphere in your kitchen or bar? This high chair will help you in this! The use of 300-year-old wood meant that this simple-to-design piece of furniture gained a lot of elegance and uniqueness Bring in a bit of luxury to your interior!