Matthew’s dream was first.

Every day in his head were born thoughts that did not give him peace. At first they were fleeting like a blink of an eye, but over time they became more pronounced,
Bright and hot like a candle flame. They quickly turned into a longing for creation unusual, and unique things.

Then came the dream of Patricia. She wanted to decorate their house so that each corner was was delighted by its uniqueness.


And then both of them got a glimpse. And in retrospect, it was an enlightenment.

Today Patrycja and Mateusz are producers of handmade lamps.

But to create the first lamp, they needed three things: skills, inspiration and materials.

Mateusz took on his skills.

Patrycja was looking for inspiration and materials for production.



It turned out that they are literally at their fingertips.

From Paris they brought 300-year-old wood from a townhome demolition. The beams throughout are soaked in the French spirit and covered with a delicate patina of history.

They began to look for items of everyday use that after years of faithful service, landed at the scrap yards where they lived their days.

They renewed them in a great way, restoring them to a second, better life. Combined with the elements that have never before stood even side by side. For example, noble wood with car suspension parts.

They realized how hard this job ii and on the other hand, how much
satisfaction can provide the creation of functional artwork from objects that it would seem mundan…

What distinguishes LIGHT MY FIRE lamps?


Every piece, absolutely every one is different. Buying a given lamp, you are guaranteed that you are the only person in the world who possesses this object.


Every element of the lamp passed through our hands.


A unique story told in each of them.


For the production of lamps we use only items that come from recycling. Moreover, in the interest of the environment we try to minimize the amount of post-production waste.


We produce handmade lamps, but our ambitions do not end there.
Our appetite grows as you eat. We are planning to extend our offer now to tables and other furnishing products. The only thing that limits us is our imagination.