The idea when creating each lamp was clear. We wanted to bring back the objects covered with the patina of history.

We decided to combine 300-year-old wood coming from the demolition of the Paris tenement house with recycled elements, which were already full of glory years.


Our goal was to create objects with a soul. It is not enough to use ordinary materials available in stores to do them. The materials used should be exceptional.

We decided to use things that served people for many years and already had their own story.

Several hundred years of wood after demolition, the basis of our products and recycled materials, get a second life in our company


The first products we created were lamps. Nothing will create a climate better than adequate lighting. The delicate, warm light of the lamp creates an atmosphere of cosiness.

The original shape adds uniqueness to the interior. After creating dozens of designer lamps, we decided to go a step further. Today, apart from lamps, we design furniture such as chairs, tables and mirrors.


The manufacturer of unique, handmade lamps and interior design elements, which are made only from recycled materials and 300-year-old wood from the demolition of Paris tenement houses.

Light My Fire products are unique handicrafts. Metal elements come from scrap yards, old cellars and attics, whereas wood comes from the demolition of Paris tenement houses. Rustic buildings are mostly built on oak beams, sandstone and plaster, which is why wood has such a unique shape and color.


Our products are best suited to modern futuristic interiors. Arrangements in this style love contrasts, and therefore a strong accent may be our product.


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